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Jack Muellerleile

  1. For a sampling of client comments about what they think of his skills, just click now on testimonials
  2. Jim Bertrand - U.S.Radiation Mgr., GUIDANT CORPORATION 
    Strict Goals & Objectives for Underperformers
  3. Nick Johnson - Developer of 10 ground-up fueling facilities in So.Calif.
    Value = 100 x Jack's Fee   
  4. For a look at comments from folks who have known him personally for many years on and off the job, click on personal references

Bob van der Valk (The Gas Guy)

  1. Succeeded in "educating" the California Energy Commission (CEC) as to where to fix a major share of the blame for California's much higher prices at the pump and how to avoid making future miscalculations on dealer margins. For details, click now on "CEC Goofs on Margin Calculations" .
  2. Is sought out by the news media for authoritative comments on "what's happening" whenever pump prices move suddenly. For an example, check out this Ventura County Star article entitled: Worries Pushing Gasoline Prices Higher .
  3. From John Troike, Carlsbad, CA - "I was very impressed with your article in the Thursday Opinion of the SD Union-Tribune. Thanks for educating the public." Click here for Full Text . The article to which Mr. Troike is referring may be viewed by clicking here: What's behind the gas price increases?
  4. From news reporters far and wide who rely on Bob van der Valk for in-depth industry savvy, historical perspective and "Future Watch" capability...go to "The Gas Guy" Section of our NEW STUFF page where many examples have been captured & posted.  

4 Very Qualified People, check out the consultants found among these web pages.

Rick Cardin (The Strategy Guy) 

  1. To look over what a long term and a more recent client has to say about his abilities, click here on testimonials.
  2. To contact folks who have known him personally for many years, get the list by clicking here on personal references.

Greg Byler (The Fast Lube Guy) 

  1. “He helped us increase our ticket average over $8.00 to $47.00, company wide. Our cost of goods dropped from 25% to 21%” says Richard Smith, V.P./OPERS Manager, Jiffy Lube / Car Wash at F.L.Roberts and Company .
  2. “Our fast lube ticket average increased over $15.00 after all discounts. He reduced our labor by 7%. Our speed of service is better and customer satisfaction is up. Cost of goods has been reduced from 26% to 20.5%” according to Jerry Orten, owner, Water Works Car Wash & Oil Change . 
  3. "The production procedures he implemented have improved our efficiency, bay times and decreased our exposure to damage claims. Our ticket average increased on a monthly average of at least $21.00 per car and we have seen a steady increase in our monthly volume." per  Matthew Cardon, Cardon's LLC, Idaho Falls, ID .


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