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Find over 510 years hands-on gas station, c-store, car wash, fast lube, QSR, express smog and other co-branding industry experience along with matching strategic planning, finance, legal, real estate and development savvy among the people listed below.

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Conventional, modern, SUPERSTATION designs; co-branding; operations; real estate; business plans; finance; legal issues; trend analysis & forecasting; feasibility studies; competitive surveys; strategic planning; fuel pricing / supply / predictions; car wash; c-store; fast lube; express smog; other profit centers; development / development partnering; brokerage; purchase; sale; space leasing; alternate land issues; and oil company relationships.

Retail fuels industry consultants with over 510 years oil company and independent experience are able to address nearly all aspects of these and related subjects.

J. R. / Jack Muellerleile - 46 years in the petroleum business: 23 yrs as consultant, investor, entrepreneur & real estate broker*; plus 23 yrs as an employee of Big Oil. Click here to review Jack's biosketch . And here to look over an Example from Jack's Menu of Consulting Services available to his clients. Check out one of his oldest firms by clicking here on Site Location Solutions Consulting ; then click Contact Information & Interests to get an update on his current activities as well as his direct access information...or get hold of him right away at:

  • Voice: 714.220.1806
  • Cell:    714.865.6494
  • Fax:    714.826.1143
  • Email:

* Cal. R. E. Broker Lic. # 01018666; Broker Officer - Vincent James, Ltd in Newport Beach, CA - Corp. Lic. # 01355056

More stuff about Jack Muellerleile is listed below:

Michael Ford a.k.a. "The Car Wash Loan Specialist" - Managing Member of Coast Commercial Credit, LLC, has been helping car wash operators finance car wash projects for over 20 years. His firm, Coast Commercial Credit, is an active member of the International Carwash Association as well as the Western Carwash Association. Most recently, Coast was asked by the International Carwash Association to speak at the 2010 Car Care World Exposition on the subject of "Financing in the New Economy". The primary purpose of the presentation was to help car wash operators understand that LOANS ARE AVAILABLE in the current economy and HOW TO OBTAIN FINANCING. During this most recent recession, Coast Commercial Credit has continued to finance New Construction, Acquisitions, Equipment Upgrades and Refinance Existing Debt. Coast offers Small Business Administration (SBA) Loans, Equipment Loans and Leases, and loans backed by the United States Department of Agriculture's (USDA) Business & Industry Loan Program. The typical structure for real estate backed car wash transactions include 80% financing with terms of up to 25 years under the SBA loan program and up to 30 years under the USDA loan program. Operators can even obtain financing up to 90% of the total project cost when the seller is willing to carry back.

Click here to check out Michael's own web page.

For more information on "The Car Wash Loan Specialist" contact: 

Michael Ford
Coast Commercial Credit, LLC
Facsimile: 1-888-400-0365
Web Site:

Bob van der Valk a.k.a."The Gas Guy" - Syndicated & Guest Columnist with 50 years of petroleum business experience. To learn about his expertise or to contact him, click now on Bob's biography . Click here to check out Bob's own web page. Click here for a look at "The Gas Guy" Photo Album. To reach him now, use:

Gerald Lewis a.k.a. "The C-Man" - A guy with half a century of experience in and around this and other industries, nationally and internationally. To look over Gerry's bio and a sampling of recently published articles we captured, click now on Gerry's own web page. To contact him right now, call or email him at:

VERY QUALIFIED PEOPLE...lots of them are here to help you. Look them over. Give them a call. Explain your situation. Find out how they may be able to assist you.

Gary B. Wimmer a.k.a. "The Wash Doctor" - As a planner, organizer, leader, implementer and controller, this gentleman has 40 years in and around all segments of the car wash, car care, quick lube, fueling and c-store business...culminating with an indepth awareness of the SUPERSTATION concept. To discover the particulars underscoring his expertise, you may click here to view Gary's Biosketch and here to look over Gary's own web page. To contact "The Wash Doctor" right now, call / fax / email him at: 

Greg Byler a.k.a. “The Fast Lube Guy” - owns Pit Stop Consulting, a proven idea factory when it comes to ON LOCATION Site Assessments for both existing & proposed locations; Sales Training; Customer Service Training; Production Training; Franchise Alternatives; Management Training; P&L Accountability Education; Organizational Systems; Strategic Marketing; Employee Operational Manuals; and New Location Set Up. To review Greg’s 17+ year business background, click here on his BUSINESS BIO. To get in touch with “The Fast Lube Guytry any of the following:

  • Voice: 877-PITSTOP
  • Cell:    417.343.9948
  • Fax:    417.753.4176
  • Email:

Ken Williams - Petroleum Marketing Information (PMI) - After nearly 20 years in the domnstream operations end of the retail petroleum business, Ken founded PMI in 1983 as a service which could help its clients navigate through the confusing and often turbulent decision-making associated with posting retail prices in accordance with the owner's stated objectives as they related to the planned, profitable growth of the business. It is not surprising that after another 20 years of dealing with these complexities, he has become adept at helping clients identify, forecast and take best advantage of local competitive trends while retaining or increasing volumes and maximizing gross profit margins.

After years of diligent effort and over $500,000 in added equity investment in software development, Ken expanded PMI's service offerings to include Daily Books, SKU Management & C-Store Inventory Control while continuing to provide PMI's long-standing specialty, Accurate Motor Fuel Margins including Temperature Correction. PMI prides itself in being able to completely understand the dealers' requirements and it guarantees the quality of its work far above industry standards. With its 24/7-365days a year capabilities, a dealer-owner can hire PMI to practically run the entire operation, if that is desired. To locate Ken Williams and discuss your specific needs, contact him at:

Shannon Vinson  a.k.a. "The Money Man" - owns Small Business Associates. The firm has been assisting business owners obtain business financing since 1991. Specialists in U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) loans, it is a "Designated Intermediary" by the Los Angeles and Santa Ana (Orange County) District Offices of the SBA.

SBA loans are available to finance the purchase of a business; the start-up of a business; the purchase of real estate for use by a business; the purchase of machinery, equipment and / or inventory; to provide working capital; and to pay off existing debt.

Hundreds of businesses have received SBA loans with the help of Shannon and his wife, Colleen, at Small Business Associates. They can also help you. For the "full story online", go directly to their SBA web site at .To reach "The Money Man" right now, call / fax / email him at: 

H. Vaughn Hapeman a.k.a. “The Legal Deal Man” – is a practicing attorney with 30 years under his belt, including 22 years of strong and diverse transactional real estate experience. He has served the needs of clients large and small, always with an eye toward protecting their interests and adding value to their projects. As a licensed California Real Estate Broker and owner of his own development firm, Vaughn is in a good position to view client matters from a wider perspective than are some attorneys who may not possess a similar hands-on track record.

 While retained by clients to work on total sales and lease considerations in excess of $250 Million including 38 major shopping centers and commercial projects in seven Western states comprising over 5 million square feet, he has been successful in developing his own, private projects of significant note. His company, Pacific Riviera Development, has handled the purchase and sale (including rehab, parcelizing, reconstruction and releasing) of undeveloped land and existing commercial REO properties. It has completed numerous projects including a 75,000 sq.ft. supermarket / drug store anchored shopping center and a 256,000 sq.ft. WalMart anchored shopping center. 

Further, "The Legal Deal Man" has acquired an awareness of the retail petroleum business as an outgrowth of his due diligence activity associated with an interest in developing his own SUPERSTATION. To hook up with Vaughn...ring him up / fire him a fax / shoot him an email at:

Paul T. Gough - Law Offices - Paul is the attorney at his litigation specialty firm engaged in business, real estate and environmental-related issues. Having “learned the ropes” while in the Office of General Counsel at Mobil Oil back in the 1980s, his firm (formerly Straw & Gough) was retained as Mobil’s outside counsel thereafter not only to represent it in various ongoing matters, but to keep them off the payroll of potential downstream adversaries in the retail petroleum business. You see, Paul Gough is one of just a few practicing attorneys who, from the perspective of Big Oil, know “just too darn much about the oil business”. When Exxon swallowed Mobil, Paul’s firm acquired the ability to represent anyone it chooses…and that’s how he came to be listed among our group of savvy service providers. When looking for an attorney with an intimate knowledge of the oil business (and perhaps the way Big Oil will view your situation), Paul T. Gough may be just the man for you. Give Paul a call to see if he may be able to help you head off a future problem or solve one you already have. You can reach him at:


Larry Hilton @ Service Station Consulting Services Inc. (SSCS)is a 33-year veteran of Big Oil with five years experience working with independent stations.  Folks call him for help on such things as: 1.) Reacting to supplier PMPA offers; 2.) Obtaining a supply contract for units the majors can’t brand and obtaining favorable supply contracts for units that meet major oil company standards; 3.) Resolving non-legal problems that arise with today’s Oil company relationships (or lack thereof); 4.) Developing Business Plans for single facility operators when required by major oil companies; 5.) Developing analytical reviews of gas stations (determining probable current income) for prospective buyers; 6.) Expediting SBA loans for gas stations; and 7.) Getting “B” and “C” credit applicants funded. Larry’s motto is "If it involves a gas station, I can help you reach your goal".  To reach Larry Hilton now, contact him at:

Jim Mitchell @ Mitchell Design Group Inc. - believes there isn't a C-Store in the nation that can't add $8,000 a month to its bottom line by doing what is suggested by his tight group of maverick designers who are bubbling with creative juices all day every day in Irving, Texas. Innovative, bold, high volume, successful concepts just naturally flow from this bunch that has won coveted awards during national industry contests including: Best Concept; Best Checkout; Best Overall Exterior Design; Best Beverage / Food Service Area; Best Gasoline Operation; and Best Interior Design. The originator and national copyrights recipient of the "Home Plate" C-Store design that is used widely by major oil companies and independents alike, Jim next introduced to the industry the "Rounders" system that received national acclaim. Now, he is about to unveil "The Butterfly Place" design which features ten (10) profit centers in 9,000 SF of space constructed on 3 acres of land and has proforma revenues projected at $175,000 per week. If you are ready for an exciting ride, go directly to his web site at . Or to hook up with Jim Mitchell right now, contact him at:

Also see 02.17.06 CSP Daily News feature article quoting Jim Mitchell throughout on Store Design Standouts in an otherwise level playing field .

NEWS ALERT! Dateline 10.04.06 ~ Jim Mitchell retires to his ranch in Texas...but still makes fabulous designs available via his web site. Click here to investigate Mitchell's e-Plans .

Toni Pinnolis a.k.a. “Lady Car Wash” – is a California car wash broker and consultant. While most active in the Los Angeles Basin, she is fully familiar with operating conditions statewide. In 1980, the male dominated car wash community was skeptical of Toni, its first female broker. That turned rapidly into admiration when she closed the sale of the industry’s first car wash for over $1 Million. After completing her 75th sale, Toni stopped counting and never looked back. Today, “Lady Car Wash” is able to instantly tick off the exact location and current ownership of almost every full service car wash in Southern California. To find out more about this top producer, check out Toni’s own web page by clicking here on "Lady Car Wash". To contact her right away, call / fax / email Toni Pinnolis at: 

Rick Cardin  a.k.a. “The Strategy Guy” helps companies from start-ups to major international firms to grow using strategy, finance and marketing.  He is Managing Director of Harvard Growth Strategies and holds an MBA & Doctorate from Harvard Business School.  He founded a publicly traded national food franchisor and has worked extensively with franchising as a growth vehicle.  He serves on the Board of Directors of Whitney Information Network (RUSS: OTCBB) and on the Board of Advisors to Arkeia, RPost, and Xing Cultures. For a more complete look at Rick Cardin’s capabilities, click right here on Cardin Background & Lectures .To reach “The Strategy Guy” directly, just shoot him a call / fax / email at:

Kevin T. Obymako @ Pursuit Real Estate Service Inc. / Pursuit Development  - is one of 4 directors and 3 associates who, along with their capital partner Landmark Investment LLC, specialize in securing high-grade retail sites for regional and national tenants in various states across the USA. Targeted sites are those suitable for use as gas stations, pharmacies, banks, convenience stores, automotive services and quick service restaurants. Collectively, just their 4 directors account for the opening of over 200 new facilities throughout the U.S. for such companies as ExxonMobil, Walgreen’s, 7-Eleven and McDonald’s. They are fully capable of handling all the critical project issues connected with site selection, land development, consulting, brokerage & financing. Typically, these firms participate in the equity of its clients in helping them to set, proceed toward and achieve their goals. For a closer look at their expertise, click on Pursuit Biographies. To reach Kevin Obymako right now and talk about your needs, contact him at:

Chet Wilke a.k.a. "The Texas Car Wash Specialist"
For almost twenty years Chet Wilke has been listing, selling, selecting car wash sites and representing buyers in the car wash industry through out Texas.   Licensed in Texas since 1986 Chet is a car wash advocate supporting his clients from loan to close with “Legendary Performance” bringing harmony and peace of mind to every transaction.  Starting with Self Serve, then to In Bay Automatic’s and on to the next generation of Tunnel Car Wash Systems Chet Wilke is in step with industry changes and has the experience and knowledge of those systems’s to represent every person with integrity!  More at the Texas Car Wash Specialist and .



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