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Qui Vinceret Perseveret...."He who endures, conquers"


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    OK, now learn about Jack Muellerleile...who is, among other things, a strategic planner.

STRATEGIC PLANNING? What is that? Well, the Random House Webster's College Dictionary defines STRATEGIC as "important in or essential to strategy"; STRATEGY as "a plan or method for achieving a specific goal"; and PLANNING as " a scheme or method of acting, proceeding, etc., developed in advance; a battle plan". So, in order to improve your chances of reaching your project's goals, a well thought out, researched, tested and proven STRATEGIC PLAN is normally needed. Examples of STRATEGIC PLANNING suggested to Jack's clients and associates may be found in a white paper he authored back in April 1999 that utilized a decades old, time-tested principle which was applied to develop various scenarios for his clients who were 2 party gas station owners/operators. To check it out, click now on the link below:

Site Location Solutions (SLS) is one of Jack Muellerleile's oldest companies. It consults with decision-makers in the retail petroleum, food service and entertainment industries. One of its most sought after project designs is the gasoline SUPERSTATION capable of selling over 600,000 gallons of fuels monthly and generating a proforma cash flow of $600,000 (EBITDA) annually. Site Location Solutions Consulting is capable of guiding you through a somewhat complex project of this nature from concept creation to acquisition of the final occupancy permit just prior to opening for business. Click right now on SLS / SLSC & Industry Overview to check it out & determine if its services might be just the thing 4 you.

Our clients are in charge. They are in control. We provide guidance, but they run the show.

Managing a project from start to finish demands that someone assume command and take charge of the STRATEGIC PLANNING. Next, this project manager must get it ORGANIZED. And then the manager must provide LEADERSHIP to the team members, each of whom is chosen and assigned specific responsibilities. Finally, the manager must CONTROL the process, the personnel involved and the expeditures allocated toward bringing the project on line. It is our belief that the client is always the project manager. Our role is to act as the client's lead consultant...advising, coaching, suggesting, guiding, counseling and, on occassion, performing some of duties of the project manager when requested by the client (and accepted by the consultant assigned to the case involved). As such, we encourage the client to embrace value added strategies (VAST) containing agreed upon TRUTHS  (click for details) and IMPERATIVES (click for details) so that we are both "reading from the same page" as we work together and with others who may have a critical impact upon the timely conclusion of the project.

Site Location Solutions (SLS) is among a handful of "Specialty Business" consultants & brokers engaging in full service activities for clients who desire something more than is usually available from the general community when it comes to planning and executing strategies involving site location / acquisition of properties for unveilment of a prototype concept or rolling out a proven facility. Often, we are asked questions about why we usually accept only "full fee" clients and require clearly understood, written agreements establishing the basis of our relationship prior to the onset of our services. For a look at some of the most frequently asked Q & A topics, click here on Commonly Asked Questions  . 

Much of what is occurring now in the industry was foretold almost 10 years ago in an article written by Jack Muellerleile at the request of the Automotive Trade Organizations of California (AuTOCA) Executive Director, Jan Speelman, who shared Jack's concern that not nearly enough of its members were engaged in strategic planning and decision-making vital to the survival of their businesses. It was a big subject. The article entitled "LEAD, FOLLOW or GET OUT of the way!" was published in Dec.1997 & Jan.1998. It is available for your review here by clicking on the following links:

During Jack's 23 year career at Mobil Oil, all expenditure of capital funds were made in accordance with a 5 year plan based upon the above referenced Scenario Planning model which was updated annually taking into account actual vs.anticipated competitive activity, revised profit plan targets and availability of capital dollars for use by Marketing & Refining as opposed to it's other more capital intensive units like Exploration & Production. When E & P began gobbling up larger portions of the capital dollar pie, Jack's unit dreamed up creative ways to keep the capital dollars accounts filled anyway. Since Jack had practiced 5 year planning for decades, what the above client organization requested, while somewhat lengthly, was not at all difficult. And for Jack, it's still a piece of cake today.

Links to documentation in support of Jack's qualifications are provided here for your review:

Jack Muellerleile may be reached directly by any of the following means:

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  • Fax.    714.826.1143
  • Cell.    714.865.6494
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