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You have succeeded in finding the only known web site on the Internet today containing an assemblage of retail petroleum, c-store, car wash and fast lube industry veterans capable of supplying you "soup to nuts" savvy in dealing with the issues involved in these and other related consumer-friendly businesses. We are an experienced Express Exterior Carwash Broker in Los Angeles County

Consultants found among these pages are long on experience and up-to-date on what is taking place in the ownership, operation and development of these profit centers so favored by consumers coast-to-coast. Available for your consideration are the following individuals:

You are invited to browse through our web site, jot down things you want to explore further like more info on Superstation real estate in Los Angeles County, then call or email one or more of us to see how we may be able to help you. And thanks for looking us over.


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Do you own and / or operate / want to redevelop / expand / buy or sell one or more of the following retail businesses?

  Gas Station   C-Store   Car Wash 

Detailing Shop    QSR      Fast Lube 

Express Smog Certification

  Other concepts co-branded with gasoline

  • Do you want to develop from scratch a new-to-industry SUPERSTATION that combines some or many of the above profit centers?
  • Are you threatened by an existing or planned hypermarket or other new competitive offering that is likely to suck you dry?
  • Is your land parcel one of those standard 150' x 150' (22,500 SF) corners acquired back in the '50s, '60s or '70s by Big Oil that is finding itself on the surplus properties list or soon to be on same?
  • Are you preparing to accept control of a land parcel previously ground leased to an oil company?
  • Are you thinking about changing brands (Hint: click on this link because VALERO appears to be On The Move )?

If so…this web site is perfect 4 you. We have succeeded in assembling a hard to find, independent group of consultants possessing over 510 years of hands-on planning, retail, petroleum & petro-related car wash, gas station, c-store, food service, fast lube, financial, legal and real estate experience.  From these veterans may be the questions you must ask and the answers needed for you to thrive (not just survive) in these highly competitive and rapidly changing times. As an Express Exterior Carwash Broker in Los Angeles County we can find the perfect Superstation Real Estate in Los Angeles County for you.

Among this select group of savvy consultants are persons who may be able to guide you in developing your goals, identifying the right actions to implement and managing the risks associated with:


    • Possessing one or more of the 30,000+ units in the USA currently designated by 
      the major oil companies as surplus properties to be divested in the coming months;
    • Improving your bottom line with the existing facilities whether you plan to stick around  or sell out;
    • Keeping your profit centers “as is” or redeveloping them into something more competitive;
    • Locating new sites, acquiring control of them, then developing a new-to-industry configuration from scratch…even one of those SUPERSTATIONS designed to sell 600,000+ gallons of fuel monthly and generate proforma cash flow (EBITDA) at $600,000 or more annually...or the EXPRESS Exterior Conveyorized Tunnel Carwash that is a proven concept across the U.S. and is just now being introduced to the West Coast with amazing ROC results in Southern California;
    • Expanding your chain by cherry picking one or two going concerns at a time in existing markets or adding small or large chains in new markets via mergers & acquisition techniques; and / or
    • Wisely accepting the return of land parcels previously ground leased to oil companies, then determining what may be the best thing to do with them.

      Key Words that brought you to this web site reflect some of the interests we try to address. They include your need for information about the following:

      Gas Station Consultant ~ Car Wash Consultant ~ Fast Lube Consultant ~ Gas Station Multiples ~ Car Wash Multiples ~ Gas Station Development ~ Gasoline plus Carwash ~ Co-branding with Gas ~ Fast Food and Gas ~ Buying Gas Stations ~ Financing Gas Stations ~ Gas Station ROC ~ Redeveloping Gas Stations ~ Selling Gas Stations ~ Cash on Cash Return ~ Gas Station Investment ~ Carwash Investment ~ Carwash ROC ~ Financing Carwashes ~ Gas Station Lawyer ~ Development Partner  ~ and much, much more


                                Services Available 4 You


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VERY QUALIFIED PEOPLE are here to help you with all of these issues and many more. Give us a call so we may discuss your needs.

Available services include all aspects of the following as each pertains to Gas Stations, C-Stores, Car Wash Facilities, Fast Lubes, Food Service (QSR) and other profit centers in either stand alone settings or grouped configurations; plus decision-making punch lists for property owners accepting control of land parcels previously under long term groundleases to oil companies. Additionally, follow-on use identification & procurement for surplussed land parcels including site selection strategic network growth planning and development partnering in the analysis & project execution are available. 

  • Refined products information / handling / storage / pricing / sale
  • Fuels demand & supply forecasting including future retail prices
  • C-Store location / design / development / operation / offer development (merchandise selection & placement, foodservice program development) / market positioning (value proposition, retail environment, implementation steps) / evaluating for acquisition or upgrading / trends / prototype / divestment
  • Car wash location / feasibility study / design / development / operation / competitive information gathering / w/gasoline / w/c-store / w/detailing / w/fast lube / w/food shops / technology / equipment / car clubs / investment / mega site gas & wash development / ramp-up techniques / re-financing for cash take outs / sale of business w/land / sale of business but lease ground & improvements to buyer as tenant 
  • Fast Lube real world solutions including how to simplify operations / increase car counts / increase ticket averages / make more money...while gaining access to 17+ years fast lube expertise and improving results under a blanket 100% money back guarantee. 
  • Gas station location / feasibility study / business plan / design / development / technology / management-operation-controls from A to Z / addition of operating partner or contract operator / upgrading / expansion / acquisition / divestment / re-design / adding profit centers and little known cash flow enhancements / w/service bays / w/c-store / w/interior QSR / w/fast lube / w/car wash / w/express smog / w/any other profit center or many of the foregoing (i.e. SUPERSTATIONS) / financing / re-financing / supply contracts / sale of business but lease of the ground & improvements  
  • Real estate consulting and brokerage in connection with all of the above including site criteria / site identification / trade area identity & feasibility study / competitive threat analysis / assembly of multiple parcels / redevelopment agency dealmaking / representation in negotiations with 3rd parties / site acquisition in fee, by ground lease or joint venture / assemblage & coordination of expert team of advisors / site plan / facilities layout & design / capital requirements & how funded / procurement of project equity & debt funding / proforma compilation / procurement of tenants for vanilla shell space to be constructed / title insurance / escrow management & closings / sale lease back deals for up front cash take outs / sale of business w/land or w/o land / addition of ongoing operations individually, in small groups, or full chains via mergers & acquisitions or joint ventures / things to consider when accepting control of land parcels previously groundleased to oil companies ( soil / ground water contamination; leave improvements in place or have them removed; zoning restrictions; alternate land uses; finding a replacement lessee; selling the land; finding a buyer; landbanking the parcel)
  • Site selection strategic network growth plan development / new market entry analysis / market withdrawals / site divestitures / tenant representation / defining trade areas / demographic studies / surveys of competition / contract & lease negotiations / zoning & entitlement research / debt financing / equity capital sourcing / corporate approval package preparation
  • Development partnering in the project analysis and execution including feasibility studies / due diligence studies / zoning issues / project management / community interface / planning and design reviews / permitting / build-to-suit / sale lease back / credit tenant fixed rate lease program  
  • Packaging the client’s candidacy (creating a “mini-business plan” / presentation package / project overview) including… the preface/purpose, company overview, mission statement, industry overview, research undertaken, due diligence conducted, 5 year expansion plan, new to industry units, competitive takeovers, prototype store, services offered, primary plan A scenario, secondary plan B scenario, capital requirements, how funded, operation projections, mo/mo year #1 proforma, full year proforma years #1 - #5, general lease provisions, site plans, management staff, community involvement, experience qualifications, financing support letters, financials (personal & corporate), references, supplier letters, expert advisory team, recognition received, acknowledgements, awards and frequently asked questions (FAQs)
  • SBA and/or USDA loan packaging, representation and funds procurement for any business rationale
  • Architectural services covering all aspects of the above but with special creative twists to make your project unique among the competition
  • Establishing your new company with the prior intent of making it a public corporation and the little known, very significant “cash out” opportunities this may provide you about 2 years down the road  
  • Oil company relationship building / capital contributions
  • Government, police and public relationship building
  • Legal aspects of all of the above including document preparation and/or review / negotiations with 3rd parties / risk identification / due diligence matters / entitlements gathering / dispute avoidance & resolution / representation at judicial proceedings if required.


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