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Gary B. Wimmer has logged 40 years in the car wash industry. He has built or purchased, owned and operated 16 Car Washes, Detail Centers, Car Care Centers, Major & Independent Oil Company fueling facilities and Convenience Stores. Currently, Gary is involved in three (3) Southern California Car Washes with Major Oil representation. Two are full service, one is an exterior ride-thru. Existing operations are in the neighborhood of 400,000 gallons monthly. He recently sold his interest in his Major Oil Company Convenience Store that had pumped in excess of 350,000 gallons per month.

He acquired a nickname as "The Wash Doctor" after it was observed that he had succeeded repeatedly in all phases of his chosen industry. Gary has scouted out prime land parcels, conducted feasibility studies, acquired control of the land by way of purchase or long term groundlease, designed the improvements, secured the entitlements from the jurisdictional authorities, obtained the necessary equity and debt funding, built the improvements, opened and operated lots of them to and beyond their seasoned maturity, then held them as cash cows or sold them for a profit.

If someone has a sick body, they call on their doctor to help make them well again. If you have an ailing car wash, or superstation-type of operation, or are planning to create one from scratch, you are well advised to avail yourself of the opinions of those who have been there before you and emerged from the situation grinning ear to ear. And that means you may need to call upon someone like "The Wash Doctor".

Having held numerous executive positions within industry and community service organizations, Gary has a proven track record as a individual with business savvy, leadership skills, a "can do" attitude and a willingness to devote measurable amounts of his time toward activities aimed at improving the lives of others from both a business and community perspective.

For a more indepth review of Gary's extensive qualifications, his current activities, as well as his numerous local and statewide forms of recognition, please click now on Gary's Biosketch .

Gary B. Wimmer "The Wash Doctor"

To reach this past two-term president of the Western States Car Wash Association who is still involved in multiple car wash operations plus a gas SUPERSTATION and is willing to teach you what he knows, call / fax / email "The Wash Doctor" directly at: