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Car wash broker and consultant with over 75 completed sale transactions who left the movie business to become a star in the car care industry, now shares her wealth of knowledge acquired in the most competitive car wash marketplace in the world.
Toni Pinnolis "Lady Car Wash"

After graduating from the University of Southern California (USC), Toni Pinnolis launched her career in the Television and Motion Picture Business as the Director of Research for David L. Wolper Productions. American Heritage and Smithsonian Institution Specials, National Geographic and Jacques Cousteau Series, as well as the award-winning miniseries “Roots” were just some of the productions within her portfolio. The position demanded research on the central components of every in-house project, including: development; project selection; hiring; supervision of personnel; and administration. It required a working knowledge of publicity, developing new show concepts and assembling them into saleable packages. The art of diplomacy, coupled with patience, persistence and tenacity were needed on a daily basis to get the job done.


Through a mutual friend, Toni met the leading guru of the Car Wash Brokerage Business who was determined to have the first female broker in this industry working with him. He believed it would open doors to potential new clients and he identified Toni as the person he wanted to do it. After making her an offer she couldn’t refuse, she became the primary Listing Representative of Beverly Sales & Realty, the premier firm in the field. He knew that she could apply the same skills she had honed over the years toward more entrepreneurial endeavors in the traditional financial world. During her first year, she visited all operating car washes and met with every owner-operator in the entire state of California. She became friendly with the primary leaders in the industry and learned first hand what makes a location good and what makes one great. After she completed the sale of the first car wash with a purchase price of over one million dollars, she was transformed into an accepted and sought-after member of the Car Wash Community. By the time she had completed her 75th sale, she stopped counting and never looked back.


Over the last 23 years, Toni has been immersed in all aspects of the Full Service Car Wash business. Working with Buyers and Sellers to complete sale transactions; negotiating and renegotiating leasehold interests to add more value to the business and a higher comfort level for the new owner; purchasing property for the benefit of existing locations and for development of new locations; assembling experts who can help satisfy the needs of an operator who is new to the business or that of an experienced one who just wants an objective approach to enhance an ongoing operation; giving an overview to operators who have been in one geographic area and want answers to questions such as who in the wider area is getting the highest price for a basic wash, who’s doing the most detail business and why, who’s turned their volume around recently and how did they do it, etc., etc. Rather than go on and on about Toni’s savvy and capabilities, it is sufficient to say that the “Lady Car Wash” knows the keys to a great location, which can be duplicated. Toni can design the roadmap and make it available.


She is a native of Southern California, the most competitive car wash marketplace in the nation. Toni Pinnolis makes it her practice to accommodate the needs of her full service car wash clients beyond their expectations on every case she accepts.


Should you wish to discuss how Toni Pinnolis might be able to help you, just give her a call at 818.789.9112; fax her at 818.789.2901; or, if you prefer, send your email to "Lady Car Wash" at .