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"The C-Man"

Nationally and internationally recognized consultant to majors like Mobil, Texaco, Amerada Hess and others (US & overseas) makes his 28 years' expertise available to C-Store chains.

Hi! I'm Gerald Lewis

Gerald Lewis "The C-Man"

After 9/11 I decided to concentrate on doing the things I enjoy most and do best - providing strategic guidance and assistance to senior management in retailing and consumer goods marketing. For a year prior to that I had helped Visible Results, an Auckland, NZ-based company, launch its loyalty technology into the US retailing, foodservice and hospitality markets, having retired as Chief Executive (and former principal owner) of CDI Group Inc., a New York-based international retail consulting and design organization that was acquired in 1999 by Miller Zell of Atlanta.

  During my more than 28 years at CDI, we gained the reputation as leaders in the development, design and implementation of retail concepts, programs and facilities - and I personally provided ongoing guidance and consultation services for such major companies as Mobil Oil (US and overseas), Royal Ahold’s Stop & Shop supermarkets, Heron International (UK), Statoil (Scandinavia, Ireland and Poland), Amerada Hess, Texaco, Seicomart (Japan), Emro/Superamerica, Kao Corporation (Japan) and Paz Oil (Israel). I also wrote “Profitable Roadside Retailing—Making It Happen,” a book on convenience retailing that was published by The Petroleum Marketing Education Foundation; wrote a lot of articles; and spoke at conventions and meetings throughout the US as well as in the UK, Austria, Hungary, Argentina and Japan. 

            I had previously worked extensively in consumer goods marketing as both a corporate executive and consultant.  From 1966 to 1970, while President and Chief Executive of Indian Head Hosiery Company, we made Fruit of the Loom the leading brand of panty hose in the US. In 1968 I became the youngest-ever chairman of the board of the National Association of Hosiery Manufacturers. Along the way I have also worked on the development and marketing of an extensive range of other products, including books, compact discs, cosmetics, diapers, intimate apparel, men’s/boy’s/children’s hosiery, musical sound modification equipment, and shoe cleaning products. 

            If you would like to talk about how I might be able to help you, please click on and email me a little information. I will be happy to respond promptly, in confidence and at no cost or obligation. Or, if you prefer, please call me direct at 646.215.7741.

Updated Biosketch a/o 11.16.12

Gerald Lewis now offers the services of The Gerald Lewis Team, which provides transformational convenience retailing solutions by bringing together the best professionals in the field. The team successfully completed its first project in 2011 (see the case history at 

In 1974, when Gerry Lewis joined CDI Group, he had already had a long career in consumer marketing. The small design company had one convenience store client - 7-eleven - and convenience stores were just starting to sell gasoline. By the time he sold CDI in 2002, Gerry had acquired and transformed it into a hotbed of innovation for convenience retailing that had served over three hundred convenience store companies on five continents 

Because many oil companies lacked experience in c-store retailing, Gerry formed a strong consulting team to augment CDI’s design capabilities. As a result, CDI became a worldwide leader in helping oil companies become successful retailers. Gerry personally consulted at board level with clients such as Mobil, Hess, Ashland/SuperAmerica, Marathon/Speedway, Heron (UK), Statoil (Scandinavia and Ireland), Seicomart (Japan) and Paz (Israel). He authored the book “Profitable Roadside Retailing—Making It Happen”, was a featured speaker at retailing and oil industry conventions in the US as well as in England, Austria, Hungary, Argentina and Japan - and feels that he may hold the world record for visiting more convenience store and gas station sites in more countries than any other person. 
Gerry provides strategic guidance to c-store retailing companies and their suppliers – particularly those considering new ideas or approaches - and now offers the services of the Gerald Lewis Team to provide tranformative convenience retailing solutions. 

Gerald Lewis
150 East 69th Street #14B
New York, NY 10021 
Phone: 646 215-7741
Mobile: 917 697-8064


Field evaluation and recommendations for convenience retail chain operations. Transformative retail program development focused on merchandising and foodservice programs, brand positioning and identity development and store layout and design.
Building and supervising teams of seasoned professionals matched to the needs of each project
Management guidance re implementaion, fine tuning and roll-out.


Senior Consultant to Convenience/Motor Fuels retailing industry worldwide

C-Man Inc.

November 2002  Present (10 years 1 month) Greater New York City Area

Created the Gerald Lewis Team - a new approach to program development in the convenience, motor fuel and related retailing fields.First, Gerald Lewis determines the needs of each client through field evaluation and management interviews. Then he harnesses and coordinates the talents of the best experts and professionals in each required field, in order to tackle the retail program development, design, branding, and foodservice needs he identifies in the evaluation process. For further details go to

Gerald has 1 recommendation (1 client) including:


Visible Results USA Inc

May 2001  November 2002 (1 year 7 months) New York, NY

Chairman & CEO

CDI Group Inc.

June 1974  April 2001 (26 years 11 months) New York, NY

President & CEO

Indian Head Hosiery Company

September 1966  November 1970 (4 years 3 months) New York, NY


      published a five-part look at the industry and the power of ideas entitled, "50 Years in 5 Days" - By Gerald Lewis Jan.17, 2003 that may be checked out by clicking on the links below.


And even more recently, "The C-Man" was hired to conduct onsite reviews of C-Store chains across the nation that are experiencing successful growth amidst today's heightened competitive activity, then present them with his veteran insights in CSP's online publication. The first such review pub'd on July 7, ' 03 debuting in CSPNews' All-New Virtural Tour Format. It featured the Hess Express. This and all subsequent reviews may be scrutinized on this web site by hopping over to our "New Stuff" page. Just click now on, then scroll down to All-New Virtual C-Store Tour Format .

For strategic guidance and assistance to senior management in retailing and consumer goods marketing, contact Gerald Lewis at: